A personal story

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A personal story

My husband’s injury was incomplete and he was able to walk on crutches. He could only work part-time and our income suffered as a consequence.“I decided to go back to work after my husband’s SCI. Our youngest child was in his early 20s, had a girlfriend and was talking about moving out to share a flat with friends.

I hadn’t worked since having the children and at first I was incredibly nervous about going back into a working environment. I had to do a refresher course and learn about the latest office equipment and eventually went to work as a secretary in a firm of Estate Agents.

At first I found it exhausting and felt really resentful about the whole situation, although I wouldn’t have dreamt of telling my husband how I felt. It is now four years since his accident and I am actually really enjoying my job. I now work in Lettings and my salary has increased which helps with the household bills.

I don’t think it helped my husband’s self esteem to begin with. He realises now that it actually was a good thing, as I needed to get out of a rut and get some confidence back. My husband now works more from home which he enjoys, although I think he would still like to be able to get out and about a bit more.”

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