Cauda Equina

Cauda Equina Champions Charity is a patient led charity
dedicated to improving the lives of everyone affected by CES.

Our staff all have a lived experience of cauda equina syndrome.

We offer a range of charity services including:
  • Free national helpline 03335 777113
  • Virtual and face to face support group meetings around the country
  • Funded psychosexual therapy and psychiatric support
  • CES Buddy peer support service
  • Online international support group
  • Training and education

“As former patients we really understand the fears and concerns you may have, and are here to help you and to offer practical advice and solutions to the issues you are facing

We have been supporting CES patients for over 10 years and look forward to welcoming you to our community”

You can read or download a PDF about Cauda Equina Syndrome here
More information can be found at: