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In order to ensure your health and care needs are recognised as someone with an SCI and specifically, are met in a non-specialist hospital setting, SIA has provided two care plans that you can complete:


My Personal Care Plan

You can print this directly from our website HERE and complete it yourself or with the assistance of a family member or carer.
This is for you to document what your usual care needs would be on a daily basis.
This would be a useful record if you were going into hospital for elective treatment or going through a care assessment.

Emergency Care Plan

This needs to be completed by one of SIA’s SCI Nurse Specialists, as it needs to have clinical validation.
We can complete this document with you (call 0800 980 0501), which you can then use should you be admitted to a district general hospital in an emergency.
This is particularly important should you not be able to communicate your care needs to your treating healthcare professionals when in hospital.
By having a completed Emergency Care Plan, this information will be clearly stated.

Click here to listen to SCI Nurse Specialist Carol Adcock as she explains:
How the two plans can be used
How SIA can support you to complete them
To obtain support from your local officer, click the link below to get in touch:
Speak to a peer (
    • Our support starts when you are newly injured and continues throughout your life.


The SIA Academy
  • This provides a variety of training for healthcare professionals working in non-specialist settings, ranging from Study Days to in-house education sessions facilitated by our SCI Nurse Specialists.
  • Our CPD-accredited training and education gives an insight into the complex and sometimes unique issues that affect people living with spinal cord injury.
  • This is an excellent resource for those who have PA’s and to provide them with specific SCI learning. 
Spinal cord injury education for healthcare professionals, carers and PAs