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spinal-research-uk-logoSpinal Research is the UK’s leading charity funding medical research around the world to develop reliable treatments for paralysis caused by a broken back or neck.

Paul-Susie-Joe-spinal-research222x173Every year, 1,000 people in the UK and Ireland are paralysed following an injury to their spinal cord. Spinal Research raises money to fund research into clinical treatments as well as vital basic science research. Thanks to such pioneering research, paralysis can now be treated and we stand on the brink of applying therapies that will restore movement and feeling and transform the lives of paralysed people.

Their pioneering research relies on dynamic fundraising and the help of tireless supporters. Spinal Research have funded over 120 research projects which have achieved a number of groundbreaking changes in the field.

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Contact details for Registered Office:

Spinal Research
Bramley Business Centre
Station Road, Bramley
Guildford, Surrey

Telephone + 44 (0) 1483 898786
Fax + 44 (0) 1483 898763

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