On each ward there are Registered General Nurses (RGN)
    • These nurses work closely with the patient to plan the care they will require in hospital and on discharge
    • They will also liaise with the patient’s district nurse to ensure a smooth transition when leaving hospital.
    • Within this role they will help the patient to plan for weekend leave and, where required, will help to train carers and the patient to ensure as independent a life as possible after discharge.
Health Care Assistants/Rehabilitation Assistants work alongside the RGNs to provide the care and support that patients require
    • Although they are not qualified as nurses, they have been trained in the tasks they are assigned to help you with
    • Many of them have undertaken a nationally recognised qualification in health care.
    • They help to deliver the daily care needs, and support patients to become more independent.
Student Nurses
    • Student nurses are training to become RGNs and they work on the wards supported by members of the ward team. 
    • Student nurses undertake a three year training programme, working on a variety of wards within the Trust. 
    • Therefore, each student will have a different level of understanding and competency.
Rehabilitation Wards

On the rehabilitation wards, rehabilitation is a 24 hour process, and continues outside the therapy departments’ opening hours.

    • It is on these wards that the skills learnt in therapy departments can be practised and expanded. 
    • For example, wheelchair skills are taught by the physiotherapist, but on the ward expanded to include everyday experiences such as making a bed to doing your washing. 
    • There is also a fully adapted kitchen, designed to allow patients to prepare their own meals if they wish, and a laundry room.
Professional Development Nurses Team