Sport and Recreational Therapy

As part of your physiotherapy rehabilitation you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sporting activities

    • These are led by the sports therapy clinical support workers.
    • They aim to develop your muscle strength, balance, co-ordination, endurance, fitness, mobility and wheelchair skills. 
    • As well as being fun, these demonstrate and introduce you to activities that may continue to provide interest and exercise when you have left the Centre and returned home.
    • The options include recreational swimming, tennis, table tennis, rugby, basketball, weight-lifting, shooting, handcycling and fencing. 
    • The clinical support worker will be able to give further information and contact details.
Regular competitions are held for some of the above sports
    • Once a year a team is selected to represent the hospital in the Inter-Spinal Unit Games or the National Games held by the British Wheelchair Sports Foundation.
    • Opportunities and information to pursue sport at all levels are provided. 
    • You may wish to enjoy them simply as a leisure activity or to pursue it to a higher standard, with the aim of being selected for the Great Britain Paralympic team.
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