Wards at the NSIC

St Andrew Ward

(First Floor)

    • Admits adult acute SCI patients who are newly injured and need acute spinal management.
    • Care is also given to patients who are on respiratory ventilator support and those who have undergone major spinal surgery

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St Andrew ward
St Francis Ward

(Ground floor)

    • This is the first specialist ward in the UK for assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of children and young people with SCI
    • The ward promotes age appropriate independence to enable the child or young person to re-integrate back to their family and community
    • The ward includes facilities and equipment to maximise independence
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St Francis ward group
St George and St David Wards

(Ground Floor)

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    • Two rehabilitation wards encompassing all aspects of care needs, including nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and emotional support
    • These wards encourage patients to become independent (either physically or verbally) and start their reintegration back into the community
St George's group photo
St David's group photo
St Patrick Ward

(First Floor)

    • Generally for re-admission patients having further investigations or surgery
    • Occasionally for newly injured patients with pressure sores

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St Patrick ward