Going back to school

Growing up with SCI

Going back to school

going-back-to-school-1When you have finished the rehabilitation programme for your spinal cord injury at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, we will continue to support you after you leave.

As a team we will be seeing you from time to time to check everything is OK.

It will also be time to think about life outside the hospital and particularly about going back to school.

Returning to school may have physical and emotional challenges for you and we hope this guide will help you think positively about those challenges and give you some ideas on how you might overcome them.

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It is important that children reintegrate into school life and social activities as soon as possible. Returning to school can be difficult if all the focus of attention is entirely on them. It helps if school staff and friends can visit them during their stay in hospital so they know they are not forgotten. Encourage your child to email and text their friends if visiting is difficult.

Make sure the school is making plans for having them back in the classroom and personal care arrangements are made well in advance. If your child is looking forward to going back to school and a return to normality, any problems will be easily dealt with. If possible, take your child back to the school for a visit prior to their return. This will give everyone the opportunity to assess the classrooms and other facilities for accessibility.

“Some people’s strategy for coping is to plunge straight back into school, as soon as they possibly can; others prefer to take things more gently! Do what works for you!”

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