Moving to a new home or school

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Moving to a new home or school

It is important to prepare children for an impending move and to try and answer their questions completely and truthfully.

They may feel anxious and frightened at the thought of moving, but involving them in planning may help them to feel part of the process of change. Taking them with you to visit a new neighbourhood or to a new house will feel exciting. Perhaps they can plan their new room, say how they would like it decorated and where they can put their toys.

Babies and toddlers will only have a limited capacity to understand the changes involved and will be comforted by familiar people and routines, despite the change in their environment.

Teenagers may be more resistant to change and it is common that they actively rebel at the prospect of moving, especially if they have a close group of friends in the same neighborhood and feel that they may not fit in to the new area.

It is important that you talk to them openly and listen to and acknowledge any concerns that they may have and keep them informed about what is happening. Even if they don’t fully understand the reasons behind the need to move and feel angry and annoyed, teenagers like to be consulted and asked about their choices whenever possible.

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