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RoadPeace provides a national helpline for bereaved relatives, injured people and their carers. Their helpline offers vital information, advice and support, seven days a week from 9am to 9pm. This service is backed up by a number of useful publications.


We are the national charity for road crash victims. Our members include those who have been bereaved or injured in crashes and also those who are concerned about road danger.

We are the only member based charity for road crash victims in the UK, and the only one with local groups. We listen to the needs of our members and consult with them over key consultations and campaigns.

We provide both support for existing victims and work to prevent future victims by campaigning for road danger reduction.

We are independent, with the majority of our funding coming from our members and supporters, often bereaved families.

We are pioneering, and have led the way in campaigning for the rights of road crash victims and road danger reduction.

We are evidence based and are the only road safety related charity in the UK to have produced a systematic review for the Cochrane Collaboration.

PO Box 2579
London NW10 3PW

Telephone: 020 8838 5102
Helpline: 0845 4500 355
Email: or

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