Recommended reading


This section describes a range of books that you may find interesting or helpful.

Many of the books can be obtained through Amazon Books

Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workshop
by Martha Davis and Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman.

“This book is a wonderful source companion for anyone seeking to find effective ways of dealing with stress and the mental and/or physical pain that it can cause”.

Ultimate Relaxation tape
by Dr Hilary Jones 

“It’s easy to follow, he has a very calm voice and it’s very relaxing! It’s so easy to follow you don’t have to listen to it every time you want to relax – you simply remember what he said! Helped me loads! Anyone suffering from stress, anxiety, lack of sleep or simply wanting to relax”

Manage Your Mind: A Mental Fitness Guide
by Gillian Butler and Tony Hope.
Published by Oxford University Press, 2004 ISBN: 0 19 262 3834

Includes learning how to relax, the importance of relationships, getting the better of stress and anxiety.

Relaxation: Exercises and Inspiration for Well-Being
by Dr Sarah Brewer Duncan Baird
Publishers 2003, ISBN 1-904292-07-0

The Department of Clinical Psychology at Stoke Mandeville Hospital offers anAutohypnotic Relation tape, including ‘Sounds of the Sea’ produced by Professor Paul Kennedy, Clinical Psychologist.

This CD is available to patients and relatives within the NSIC at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

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