Teenage reading

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Teenage reading


Get Out of My Life: But First take Me and Alex into Town
by Wolfe, Tony et al.
Published by Profile Books Ltd., ISBN 978 1 84668 087 8

“It has put my mind to rest on a lot of teenage behavioural issues. You might not be able to change your teenager’s behaviour after reading this book, but at least you’ll be able to deal with it in your head and you won’t feel so frustrated anymore”.


How to talk so teens will listen and listen so teens will talk back
by Adele Faber
Published by Piccadilly Press Ltd., 2006.

“This book should be mailed to every parent, it is worth its weight in gold”.


The 7 habits of highly effective teens
by Sean Covey

“This book is possibly the best book I have ever read and makes complete sense to me and my teenage brain”.


Wha’ever, The Teenager’s guide to Spinal Cord Injury
by Meg Harper
Published by the Spinal Injuries Association.

Available free to all teenagers with a spinal cord injury or similar disability. 

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