Talking to your child about your injury

All parents worry about what to say to their children during this difficult time. 

    • You and your partner/family member may be afraid of saying the ‘wrong’ thing or of upsetting your children.
    • Some people may try to protect their children by not talking about what has happened in front of them.
Every family is different – and you will know what suits yours best. 
    • However, we think it is usually helpful to everyone if children know something about the events that are affecting their family. 
Children of all ages are very good at sensing there is something wrong. 
    • They may want to ask questions but could be afraid to, in case it upsets you.
    • Conversations with children about the injury can be difficult, but talking to them is a sign that it is okay to discuss upsetting matters
    • It is important for clearing up any misunderstandings or worries that they might have.
    • The truth is not likely to be as awful as their fears. 
    • Without accurate information children’s imaginations can run riot.