Inpatient paediatric programme

The Team members serving each person admitted is determined by an initial admission assessment by the team.

  • An individualized child or adult needs assessment checklist (ChNAC or NAC) will be completed.
  • Your rehabilitation programme for the week ahead is then planned in advance by your treating team based on your needs and rehab goals.
  • The inpatient paediatric programme is provided by the multi disciplinary team and is available throughout the day, with access to the ward therapy equipment at evenings and weekends.
  • As rehabilitation progresses, where possible weekends are typically spent at home for you to begin adjusting to home life as a family.
Your child /adolescent will need to bring:
  • Clothes that are comfortable and practical for gym and other therapeutic activities
    (T-shirts, sweatshirts, underwear, socks)
  • 1 or 2 pairs of comfortable shoes, you may need these to be 1 – 2 sizes bigger than before
    (please discuss this with your team before you purchase new items)
  • Night wear, pyjamas or night-dress.
  • Swimwear for aquatic therapy.
  • Toiletries: hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, facecloth, soap, shampoo and deodorant.
  • Towels are provided by the hospital.
  • Family photos and/or favourite posters, favourite soft toy or small items that are comforting.
  • Current school books.

Other items that should be brought may include:

  • Glasses
  • Medication
  • Orthosis e.g. splints, calipers, compression garments.
Wheelchairs and Standing Frame
  • If you have multiple wheelchairs at home, please only bring your main wheelchair with you to your admission and discuss how and when you use the others with your team.
  • If your child has a standing frame, please discuss / review this with your physiotherapist.
Personal Possessions
  • Each bed area has a locker (with a key) and a single wardrobe, and every care is taken to secure the ward environment.
  • However the Hospital Trust cannot accept liability to loss, theft or damage of unsecured items and valuables, money, jewellery, clothing, etc. so please consider this before bringing anything special in.
  • You will be asked to sign a disclaimer to this effect.
Please defer the purchase of new equipment until you have discussed your options with your treating team
Accommodation for Parents


Accommodation for one parent for each child/adolescent can be offered, with a foldaway bed by your child’s bed to allow you to support your child while on St Francis ward.

  • In line with national standards, our parent mattresses are plastic covered, therefore you may wish to bring a mattress topper for your comfort
  • If your child is in for a rehabilitation stay, information on local accommodation can be provided, but will require private funding.
  • There is a separate shower and toilet facility just outside the ward for you to use. 
  • We request that you do not use the patient toilet or showers on the ward.