St Francis Ward Medical and Nursing Team

The Medical Team for St Francis Ward consists of:

Consultant Spinal Physician  
  • Leads the interdisciplinary rehabilitation programme for all patients admitted to St Francis Ward. 
Consultant Paediatrician
  • Available for any medical illness incurred during the stay.
  • The main medical ward round takes place on Monday morning, you are invited to support your child during this time
  • A multi-disciplinary team meeting is held on a Wednesday morning
  • Information from this meeting will be fed back to you via the team
Nursing Team
  • The nurse’s role in rehabilitation is one of enabling, advocacy and facilitating the child / young person to reach their fullest potential and attainment of rehabilitation goals.
  • A named nurse will be allocated within 24 hours of admission and will discuss your personal care plan. They will provide the knowledge and skills to support your physical or verbal independence in all areas of self care and liaise with community staff.
  • The nursing staff also help to reinforce the treatments offered by the interdisciplinary team during non therapy hours.
  • We try to create, as far as possible, a home from home atmosphere, as a large proportion of the time is spent on the ward.
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