Future employment

Going back to work may seem like an impossible task in the early days after the onset of an SCI.

The potential loss of an existing job can be a devastating blow, not only to the injured person’s identity but also to their sense of worth and self-respect. 
    • It may be that you are the main bread winner for your family and your job has been compromised by the impact of your relative’s SCI on your working life.
    • Having to take long periods of time off work may become complicated, especially if your colleagues are carrying your workload or your employer is not sympathetic to your situation.
    • In addition, there is the potential loss of a close working relationship with colleagues in the workplace.
Until the full extent of the injury is known and hospital rehabilitation has come to an end, it will be difficult to make concrete plans for a return to work.
    • But employers can do a great deal to encourage and reassure your or your relative that they have a future in employment.
    • Your role may be to make an initial approach to the employer and open up a dialogue about the future.
    • Many people do go back to work at a later stage, either to the same work or to another job within the company, or they might have a career change or become self-employed.
    • Having an SCI definitely doesn’t mean that a person will not be able to work again, but they may find that they need to go back to college to learn other skills.