About St Francis Ward

Our mission is to provide a rehabilitation service that

    • is family centred
    • responds to changing developmental needs to achieve the best function, participation and growth throughout childhood
    • prepares for good health in adulthood
The ward consists of:
    • Three single rooms and three 2 bedded bays,
    • Four toilet / shower rooms
    • A large kitchen / dining room
    • Laundry room
    • Nurse’s station, office and treatment room
    • Outdoor courtyard area with play equipment
    • Access to the NSIC therapy areas,  hydrotherapy, computer rooms and sports facilities
Its therapy rooms house:
    • Two electrical stimulation arm and leg bikes (FES)
    • An I-Joy balance aid
    • Standing equipment (both mobile and static)
    • Giger recumbent arm and leg cycle
    • Hand cycle & sports equipment
    • Upper limb therapy equipment
    • Recreation and play resources

Continual update of new technology and therapeutic equipment
is part of the team’s ongoing rehabilitation strategy

“Excellent care and staff. Always listened to. Easy to get on with everyone. I felt safe.”
Young adult with SCI
Admitted to St Francis Ward
“It was a big achievement trying the new gyro headset to drive my wheelchair”
Young adult with SCI
Admitted to St Francis Ward