Patient Education

Knowledge of what has happened to your child helps you and your family learn about what to expect for the future.

  • The children/adolescents are taught about how to keep well following injury, and to learn about becoming independent either physically or verbally.
Aspire alternative education provision

The Aspire charity operates the Hospital Teaching Service at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.
This only operates during Buckinghamshire school term time.

    • The teaching  provides all referred pupils with the opportunity to learn, be successful and feel safe.  
    • Each student’s individual needs are considered so the whole pupil can develop spiritually, socially and intellectually
The hospital teaching service is staffed by a highly committed and experienced team:

The team has a strong commitment to multi-disciplinary collaboration with professionals, to ensure that the development of the whole child is considered during a hospital admission.

    • All children of school age (5-16) who are admitted to hospital are entitled to access education.  
    • Children with an education health and care plan between the ages of 3 and 19 years are entitled to access education.
    • Provision for pupils with Special Educational Needs is given equal consideration.
    • Teachers have experience of working with a wide range of Special Educational Needs using a variety of specialist sensory and ICT resources and equipment.
We aim to keep education “alive” for each child whilst they are in hospital. 

To achieve this we:

    • support work sent from the child’s school
    • seek information concerning a child’s educational progress from their school
    • assess, plan and evaluate each child’s individual needs
    • produce when appropriate a Personal Educational Plan for long stay children
    • provide appropriate access to ICT
    • provide discharge reports in order to support children returning to school
    • have a strong commitment to multi-disciplinary collaboration with health professionals
    • closely liaise with parents/carers as partners
    • provide continuity of educational provision by liaison with the child’s home school and where appropriate their Local Educational Authority
    • assist with coursework for GCSEs and provide access to public examinations e.g. SATs, GCSEs